Saw some really Lame posts in Facebook and thought there should be a 'dislike' button? Well, think again. Lets face the facts. Facebook is a site for growing your network. Your network necessarily means the people you like and feel comfortable with. (Well, its not always the case. People often keep adding people they dont even intend to communicate. That's definitely Lame.) Now, in this scenario, introducing a “Dislike” button would also come with some basic social problems. Ever heard of “Bullying”? Clicking the dislike button is like Bullying over someone. Why? because you’re not even showing reason for disliking. If someone dislike your post, of course you’ll get offended. Its like Someone Shouting in front of a whole bunch of people that he Hates you. (Well, you can understand what people will think about both of you after that.) If you dont like something, just tell him that directly *with reasons* or just ignore it. When someone publicly dislikes your post, you lose a good amount of respect from others who can see it. (Think about that.) And also, You think disliking someone else's post would be Cool? Just give it a thought, How'd You feel if someone dislikes Your post? I think that’ll be enough. I made my point.

Bibhas Debnath

iambibhas bibhasdn


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