Kolkata is usually not very frequent when it comes to organizing Tech related events. mostly because that crowd is very small every time someone tries something. But despite that, I've been trying to attend as many events possible and bring then together, so that everytime we can have atleast some new faces. That is actually how the crowd grows. So when I came to know about this "Fedora 14 Realease Party" on 2nd February via Facebook, I was interested and despite some trouble, went ahead and attended it. And I must say, It's been a memory to remember for sometime. :) The main attraction of the event for me was the speech from Mr. Indranil Das Gupta and the proposed speech on 'KDE-EDU : Using, Learning, Contributing' by Mrs Stephenie Das Gupta. The main reason was that I've known Indranil da from sometimes now, but could never attend his speech and I really wanted to. And for Stephenie, I've seen her in *action* before, but never had the chance to get familiar to her. So here was my chance. :) The venue, Government College of Engineering & Ceramic Technology or GCECT, is a well known Govt Engineering college in West Bengal. They had a big space. But however might the event have been, I have to give them kudos for they had a good number of students attend the seminar. More would have been netter, but I think they'll learn from this event. For some problems in the college during the event, only the speech By Indranil da was performed, and the speech by Stephenie had to be discarded. But I have to say, I enjoyed Indranil da's speech. He actually knew how to engage the type of students that were sitting infront of him and he proceeded that way. I loved the way he demonstrated that how we're all one way or another using Free and Open Source Softwares or FOSS, and How we're going to realize their importance when we actually run out of them. One little example of this was his "Breath-Holding" experiment(I made up the name :P ). He asked a girl from the audience and a boy with a wrist watch. Then he asked the girl to hold her breath as long as she can. That boy had the count, she could hold it for about 40 seconds. And had to give up as it was impossible for her to continue without air.. Now compare the Air with the FOSS we're using in our daily life, we're using them even not knowing when we're doing that, just like we breath. And once we run out of them, we're definitely gonna suffocate. For people interested in how to earn through FOSS, he gave some interesting live examples of how people are already doing that and earning even more then the ones not working with FOSS. I'll talk about it more later. Although this was supposed to be a "Fedora Release Party", it actually ended up being a "Fedora Activity Day" as Fedora 14 was released exactly 3 months before the event, and it was unethical to call it a release party. :) I left early, so I didnt get the Fedora 14 disc, but I'm sure the other attendants got theirs. :) Here are some pics from the event. Might give you a picture of what happened. :)

Bibhas Debnath

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