This blog post is only for me  to remember that what happened, was the last thing I expected.. 5th  February, 2011. I woke up like any other day, early, to go for my driving lessons, drove pretty well, returned home expecting my friend Nishan to call me and say that I was late. We were supposed to leave early for Netaji Subhas Engg College for our campusing process with Persistent Systems Ltd. Well, eventually, we both were late. But I tried to keep up with the schedule. Got ready really fast. In my mind, I was going for an outing. Was pretty sure I'm not gonna clear the aptitude test among all those 800+ students. So I didnt wear my blazer, I didnt shave, didnt wear a good shirt. And left for the destination. We reached the college, waited for about 2 hours as there were already half of the number inside the college appearing the test. When that batch came out, my friends were all asking them what were all the question, how to answer the tough ones. Some started revising quick. I was just standing there, planning to go to the book fair after we appear in the written test. So our time came, we entered the hall, first the aptitude question paper was distributed. It had 60 MCQs. I had 1 hour in hand. And the question were pretty easy. So attended about 57. I was 100% sure about 50-53 of them. Then after the hour, came the subjective paper. It had a C program, which asked the students to write a program to read another C source file and remove all the commented lines from it. And there was another question asking the students to explain a sentence. Something about India being a field of opportunity or something. I dont remember because I didn't even think of attending it. I knew the algo required for the C program. I was just lacking some syntaxes(its been really long since I tried C). But I thought, WTH! I can make up syntaxes with ease. :P So started writing the code, and where it was a bit complex, kept commenting them. after half an hour, they took the paper, I submitted it with a lot of bugs, but the maintained the logic. Left the room and the waiting started. :-/ They were supposed to declare the result in about half an hour. But it took them about 2 hours in total to come up with the names!! During then, I was planning to visit Book fair and South City mall with my friends. And was waiting when they'd declare the result, so that we can leave early.. Then after sometime, which seemed like an year to me, they appeared in front of us and started reading the names. 5 names, 10 names, 15 names, 20 names, 25 names ... And on the 28th, I heard something like "Bibhas Chandra Debnath from Narula Institute of Technology".. I was one of the 33 who cleared the aptitude test. And my friends were like "Woooooot"! And the first word I spoke was WTF, excluding the WT part.. :-/ Later part of the story - They had 3 interviews(Two technical round and one HR round). The first technical round was supposed to start from 6:30. But it started at 9:30 for me. (Remember, I didn't have lunch. :-/) then they called me, went and answered all the questions which were on basic of C, DS and some theories on Windows. Then again started waiting for the 1st round result.. I was so exhausted that I was ready to leave before the 1st round result was declared. But then suddenly they came, asked me to go for the 2nd round.. I was again like wtf!.. Went anyway. Answered all the questions related to my projects. Asked them something about the slides they showed me, and left. Again started waiting. Then they came with a form and said that I cleared the 2nd technical round. :| And was asked to appear in the HR round.. Appeared. The HR asked me to wait half an hour for the final result. After half an hour, it was almost 12 midnight. The HR came out, with 7 envelops. Announced 6 names. then suddenly called my name.!. Another wtf moment people.. And said, "See you in Nagpur." .. I was smiling.. What else could I do? The only thing that came in my mind was, "I *did not* come here for all these and I couldn't go to the Book fair with my friends.." :(
P.S. - Just to complete the story, only these 7 were selected finally.

Bibhas Debnath

iambibhas bibhasdn


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