If you've read my blog before, you'll know that I keep attending all the tech/web related events here. Thankfully, I've been able to collaborate with many active faces here and also brought together few more in that list. Yesterday (20th Feb '11) was a day full of fun and cheers coming from each and everyone.. Two Major bloggers' meet on a single day. Heck, whattay day it was! At the indiBlogger meet, there was a social networking session, where everyone has been given a white paper which they can hang on their back and go to other people, talk to them, introduce self and ask for a comment.. It was a really interesting session. Loved it. My piece of paper was full of comments written by people I hardly know, and also some people I'm lucky to know.. I'm gonna share the comments here, because I want to remember them. For an eternity..
Someone: Bibhas(in Bengali), meeting you was an experience.
Someone: Bibhas, tu bahoot bara programmer bane. [Whoever you are, Thanks a LOT for the wish. :) ]
Agnivo da wrote: Biriyani Tweetup koboe hobe? :D [There's a story behind it, will share later after I have that tweetup. :P]
Subham Singh wrote: Good blogger, keep up the good work. [Thanks Dude :)]
Someone: Dont be DUMB! [To the writer, "Ok, Sire." :) ]
Someone: THE SOCIAL FREAK! :) [yeah, I know. :P ]
Someone: Why did you get a white chat? :P [because I had a white sheet, whereas most had a yellow one.]
Someone: bibhas rocks!! (^_^) [Thanks dude, who ever you are.. :) ]
Someone: Aspiring Developer :)
Arijit wrote: You are cool - @warijit [Thanks bro. :) ]
Someone: keep blogging. [I will. :) ]
Some R.G. wrote: Nice blog u have. Gimme some suggestions. Teach me to cheat!! [Heck Dude.. That was odd! O_O]
Debojyoti wrote: All the best in Life. God Bless.. [Thanks dude. :) ]
Someone: Keep Sleeping!! [o_O]
Someone: The Whitehat Blogger.. [ :) ]
And my favorite -
Debleena di wrote: A Techie.. who is there on the web.. everywhere... [ Thanks Di.. :) ]
This is the exact reason I love networking.. People are like pieces of puzzles. You can build a great picture when you bring them together.. So, keep networking.. :)
P.S. If you wrote any of them, please comment and let me know.. :)

Bibhas Debnath

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