I've been added to the KWS Facebook group for sometime. And being an amateur(read nOOb) photographer, I always wanted to meet others who are just like me or more expert and learn from them. Hence a photowalk was always welcome to me. So when I learned that KWS is going to hold a photowalk at West Bengal State Handicraft Expo 2011 at Milan Mela ground, I really wanted to join and started poking Kuntal for his secondary camera(Nikon Coolpix P90) for a day as I don't have a camera myself. Well, luckily Kuntal managed it somehow and on that day, we went to the venue together. We were supposed to meet in front of the Science city gate on EM Bypass. But me and Kuntal were a bit late, so we couldn't find anyone there and decided to enter the fair. I've already implied that fact that this was my first photowalk with KWS, everyone was stranger to me. But Kuntal seemed to know some of them and noticed where they are the moment we entered the fair, all I saw was a bunch of people with cameras in their hands and only one almost-known face, that was Prasun da(recognized him from his Flickr account DP). Although I heard about Anirban Brahma from some friends who personally know him, but we never met before. The fair premise was pretty huge for a fair like that. And the sun was almost above head as it was about 2pm. I felt myself that the light was too harsh for capturing something outdoor. So we started wandering around just to pass the time and let the sun drop a li'l bit. As time passed, more and more people started gathering for KWS. I was wondering how many exactly are gonna turn up. And the number wasn't small. Wherever I went, I saw a face from KWS and some more people with cameras who weren't with us. So I took out that camera of mine, and started capturing. This was the first time I was using a P90(I usually use a Canon S5-IS from another friend), so took some time to familiarize myself with it. There were a LOT to capture. The fair was full of subjects - drawings, ornaments, decorative stuffs and (my personal favorite) People! Lot of people, everyone was busy. The vendors were working on their show-pieces, one artist was drawing a portrait of a girl, the kids of the vendors were playing around, the people who came to the fair were busy bargaining, other photographers were capturing things with interesting poses etc etc.. Suddenly saw Anirban Saha there. I didn't actually know that he was a semi-regular with KWS. He was shooting interesting stuff too. Showed me some, liked 'em. In a gist, it was a pretty interesting place when you've got a camera with you. I didn't even realize when the time was up, sun was setting and suddenly the group members started calling for me, I get that its the group pic time. Now here I met everyone that were present that day. Amitava told us an interesting story where he was held by police for capturing photos, Mriganka was a all-smile boy, Abhijit and Anirban were calling for those who weren't present and a LOT of things.. The number was pretty high, about 27. It's a KWS attendance record I think. When we gathered up, I got some new faces to capture. Posted one(of Tania Sarcar) in the KWS pool. Anyway, we got a great group pic. You can see it below(I'm the second right standing one with white t-shirt :). The later plan was to go visit China town and have some snacks, but It would've been a li'l bit overkill for my pocket, so decided to head back for home. Kuntal was also up for returning home. So we left saying good bye to all those who stayed. Now I should write a conclusion. But I can't find any. The only thing in my mind is the next KWS meet. Waiting for another rocking day. :)

Bibhas Debnath

iambibhas bibhasdn


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