Received my appointment letter last night. Will be joining Persistent Systems Ltd as a Software Engineer. Have to leave for Nagpur in September.. This will be my third time leaving a hometown and shifting to another. And it wasn't easy the first two times. Wondering how I'm going to manage this time.. First time I left shifted from one city to another, I was a little kid of 7-8 years. So almost felt nothing as I had new enjoyments, new toys to play with in the new city. Second time, it was a bit hard. Left all my relatives, my cousins, my school friends. But as I found later, I'm extremely good in adapting with a new situation. I can blend in to a new environment really fast. Without anyone noticing it. So handled it somehow. But, what about this time? Its different. I have to leave my city, the City of Joy, away from my family, friends, inspirations, my love.. How can I adjust without them..? I'm hoping for the best till now. For years, I've made friends with people around the country. I've been friends with few great people from Nagpur. I'm hoping that I'll be just fine with them around. But still.. How.. Can't figure. Leaving things to the hands of time. Lets see.
P.S. - Sorry for getting all emotional.. But can not help. :(

Bibhas Debnath

iambibhas bibhasdn


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