There was a time when a domain name was enough for any business or product for their web presence. We were happy with or .. But the scenario is different now. It seems we can't be satisfied with just the domain name now. We also want @McAfee or @Amazon. Or rather those brands need them even more than a website now. I recently tried out a forum website and someone referred me to to check some rank and stuff about the website. So, there I noticed that they also check the twitter handle on the given domain name for calculating rank! I immediately went to twitter and registered the handle @AndroidHelps .. And now I've ensured that when (and If) my site (ever) become popuplar, i'll have the web covered with a website, a blog and a twitter account. So, things have come to this. We're so much into twitter now(not everyone though, but those who 'make' things popular, always keep an eye on their timeline), that we cannot think about advertising or promoting a brand without a twitter account. The equation is now, No. of Followers is proportional to the popularity of the service or product. Maybe one or two of you will disagree, but be sure, a hundred more will be agreeing as they read this.

Bibhas Debnath

iambibhas bibhasdn


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