Ever since I came from Yahoo! Open Hack India, I've been craving for more nights like the one I had in Bangalore. Couldn't just shake that excitement off. It was too much to ignore. So I have been looking for a way to do that again. To those who are new to this idea of Hack-nights, No this is _Not_ the usual meaning of the word "Hack" you come across. To us, "Hack" means - to build something in a very short time with whatever tools you have with you, breaking them apart and fixing them in an unique way to solve a certain purpose. As a developer, no wonder I found it pretty interesting and was looking for a way to bring it to the town, our Kolkata, where a tech event is as rare as a Pink moon. :-/ The way was just in front of me, but I have been ignoring it for sometime. I have friends here who love programming, like me. They love developing small apps for their own use. They also share them to the world. So I started contacting them asking if they are interested in doing something like a hack-night. They seemed pretty interested, so I decided we're not going to waste times planning. So 5 of us(Me, Umang, Rabimba, Ulhas and Mehul) just gathered up last Saturday and conduced the First ever WeekEndHack in Kolkata! I named it so because it seemed most appropriate. Also it's short enough to be a Twitter hashtag. :P Here is a trivia of it, if last Saturday was the v1.0 of WeekEndhack, we had a beta release of it. The weekend before the last one, Me and Umang spent a night at a CCD in Sector 5 to get the idea of how it feels and how it should be. We felt that CCD is a bit out of budget for us, so the v1.0 final release was arranged a flat in South Kolkata, that belonged to a relative of Ulhas and was empty at that day. Turned out that it was perfectly OK. :) So, as it was the first night, we spent the first half doing absolutely nothing new. We just put up a facebook page and a website for ourselves. You can visit them here and here respectively. Then as the night started fading, ideas seemed to pour onto us. We were coming up with one idea after another. Each of them were more interesting than the previous one. We mostly depended on Umang to decide the feasibility of the idea as he has a good knowledge about the current web market and apps. And when the sun was almost out, we found the gem we've gathered for. For some obvious reasons I'm unable to disclose the details right now, but you'll see some fruit out of it pretty soon. :) As we were almost out of time, we couldn't finish building a prototype for it, so we saved it for the next WeekEndHack, which we're planning to hold on 3rd September.  Till then, we're working on the website, and the facebook page and trying to connect to as many passionate minds as possible. We've got about 5-6 requests till now. I'm guessing the next one will be larger than the first one. :) And to add more to it, I'm trying to get some sponsor for it. Almost decided on one. A startup has agreed to give us some space to work at. :) I'll publish more details on the website itself. So keep an eye on the website. The address is WeekEndHack.in . I'm looking forward to my friends in other cities to start the same thing at their home town itself. Chennai and Bangalore already has such events. But we are asking people from cities like Kolkata to start this, where tech events rarely happens. And I planned on doing this every alternate Saturday because I want people to get used to the idea. The main motto is to bring out the hidden passionate people out of the crowd, those who either don't know any way to reach out to people about their ideas or thinks that doing so is impossible here in Kolkata. So we'll keep this up. If you've found the idea interesting, do contact me and Join us. We're looking for your participation that can make the image of the city better in front of the world. :)

Bibhas Debnath

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