I always get stuck when I try to find a template for my website's homepage. I've tried lot of templates, designed some myself(which sucked a lot), even tried using services like About[dot]me. But none of them truly satisfied me. One fact about myself is that I *Love* Terminal. I Love shell. So while thinking about a theme for my homesite, it suddenly occurred to me to put a shell on my site! It's pretty damn straight. Can easily be done with Javascript. And I can very easily evolve it!(this is the part I Love most) I can put innumerable things in it. So I built this. After building it, I suddenly thought of showing it off a bit and then Geekli.st came in my mind. I've signed up for a long time there but never created a card. So went ahead and created a card - I've put a Shell on my website. Got the first ^5 in few minutes and then within few hour it was trending! And it is still(at the time of this post) trending! Got 5 6 ^5 till now. But that's enough. Enough to keep me working on it and something new. :) 1:03 AM right now. Was thinking of pulling a whole-nighter, but had a rough day and now this headache and stomach-ache is killing me. I guess I'll sleep for tonight. Just added two new stuff in the site - using the "open" option with "blog" or "github" command will open my blog and github profile in a new tab.

Bibhas Debnath

iambibhas bibhasdn


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