Last night like everyone I downloaded Instagram for my Android phone with really high hopes. But it seems they built the app in such a hurry that they forgot to adapt to the ways an Android app works. My friend Rajesh pointed that the bottom bar shouldn't be there always and they should make use of the menu key instead, which, strangely enough, doesn't do anything right now. Well, most users won't mind, cause I hardly needed the menu button, everything was right in front of me. The share button icon is different than what it usually is. That's a little trouble cause we're used to the antler-like share icon. Post-upload sharing is incomplete. If I choose to share the picture after upload using the share button, instead of while uploading it, choosing Twitter or Facebook will give me just the link. The caption is not included in the tweet or the Facebook post. You have to manually write it. That is not good. My front facing camera is not working with Instagram's own Camera app. It says picture is too small. It's strange that they would have such a filter. But I saw the most annoying thing this morning when I saw that there was an update for Instagram. I updated, thinking it'll fix some of the problems, but instead I found that the update size was 12mb+. That's the size of the original application! This is just embarrassing. They are yet to figure out how android apps update works! Don't know if it was tight schedule or incompetent developers or both, but it seems like to me that they built it in a rush. They tried to move fast and left these bugs behind. I hope they fix these problems soon.

Bibhas Debnath

iambibhas bibhasdn


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