I’m a B.Tech. graduate in Information Technology from Kolkata, India. Currently working as a developer at Akshara Foundation and HasGeek.

I love fiddling with codes. And design databases. And mess around with servers. And develop web apps and automation scripts. And play with APIs. And build APIs. And deploy those web apps and APIs.

I am active in many online discussion forums line SuperuserStackOverflow and WebApps. I tweet regularly. I like providing feedback on products/services. And if its open source, I like to have a peek. I’m a FOSS enthusiast. most of my works are Open source and available on Github. I mostly work on Ubuntu or Debian-based systems.

To get in touch with me, you can either mail me, or Tweet.

psst! If you are looking for someone to setup/fix your server(s) or debug your application(s), just ping me. I’m open to short term tasks.