Thing have changed a lot, since the time, almost a year back, when I wrote about getting a new job and leaving the city. I was all excited about going to Nagpur and staying around Karthik, Akshay and others. But (there is Always a but) things didn't go as I planned them. As it turned out, I needed to stay in Kolkata for some more time, or rather I *was* needed to stay here. The mental environment at home wasn't that good. Things were almost upside down. And with me gone, things might have gone pretty much in some bad way. So I decided to stay. Decided not to go to Nagpur(apologized a lot to the friends there for that). Instead started looking for a job here that could get me started and could help me pull my family out of all those troubles. With some helps from a friend, got a position into a well-known SME here. Things were well. I started to learn Python as it was a long time due in my to-learn list and also, the job required it. And fell in love with Python. I wanted to take my time and learn it properly. But the job required me to be Fast, as, along with learning Python, I had to manage servers, databases, almost everything that was needed in a web service development team, all by myself. So I started learning it fast and I was enjoying it! Started doing overtime at home. Whole day at office, half the night at home. Barely few hours of sleep and no (time for) rest at all. And just when it shouldn't have, my health gave up. I've always been of a little weak health. Spondilytis-like syndrome was already detected once when I was at high school. 3 years of treatment fixed me up, and stopped my outdoor sports habits. That's when I started to like computer. Few more months and I knew I couldn't live without it. Something similar happened this time too. After few weeks of above mentioned schedule, neck pain started. It got more severe by every day. Went to doctor, did an X-Ray of neck and he kind of predicted the worse. According to him, that old syndrome of mine was back and I was told to stop working sitting in front of computers for hours, for at least few months(that might expand to unknown period of time), and take rest, do exercises and etc etc. I knew that was the end of my job. As I suddenly had to quit, right when I was most needed there(provided I was a one-man team), couldn't leave in good terms. But that needed to be done, for my own sake. One month passed. I was maintaining all the regular exercise and stuff. I would hardly come online from PC, let alone work. But given it was me(I don't remember when was the last time I spent a day without using my PC or visit the cyber cafe when I didn't have one), I just couldn't suddenly *stop* working! Programming is everything to me. Can't spend a day without writing something, hacking something up. So even with all those instructions from the doctor, I started being what I am. But still couldn't code or linger around for longer than few hours at a stretch. Even though I was miserable, I couldn't ignore the problems at home. I needed to earn something. So I called up a friend. Told him I needed a work. And he also needed someone somewhat like me. No Python this time. But I got what I needed. Some work to earn me something. Enough time to rest, and learn Python(I really love it). Things have been going on like that since then. Now things are looking good. Health is much better. Can spend less time on PC, when I'm not working, thanks to the new smartphone. Found new friends. Disconnected myself from all the previous contacts. I needed a new start. Needed to do things a new way. I figure, I was trying to get ahead of myself a year back. I remember all the foolish mistakes. Now I'm slowing down. Behaving like a 22 years old. Now all I'm looking for is an adventure. Planning to leave the city soon. Things at home are almost settled. Found friends who can accompany me in my adventure. Looking for places I can fit in. Everything is falling into places. I'm really excited.

Bibhas Debnath

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