Kolkata International Film Festival(KFF/KIFF) 2015 Searchable Schedule

Posted on Nov 16, 2015

The annual Kolkata International Film Festival started yesterday in Kolkata. And like every year they have a website - http://kff.in

I was looking forward to this event like every year. But opening the website was one of the massive disappointments for me in some time. I’ll briefly explain why.

For an event like KIFF, the basic requirement for the website is to have a list of movies being shown and the corresponding venues. And also the other way around - a list of venues and the movies being played there.

Now, they are playing more than a 100 movies this time. And they are all divided in the categories like India Unheard, International Competition, Focus Hollywood etc. Well, some of them didn’t make any sense without the context of naming them, still, I’d say that they did a good job there. But here comes the funny part. You can see the list of movies when you click a category, but when you click a movie, there is no information about the venue it’s being played at. To find the venue for a particular movie, you have to go to the venues listing page, travel every venue page and press Ctrl+F and search for the movie name. There is no site-wide search feature. None.

Fun, right?

Well, to save myself the pain, I put together all the venues and their schedules and put them in this little Google Spreadsheet where you can search all the venues in one go. Just press Ctrl+H and search for movie name. You can also go to any tab for any venue and click the movie names for more information.

Hope this is of some help to you.

PS: BTW, neither the KIFF website nor ticket counter nor venues say it anywhere that if you go with a camera, they’ll not let you enter the hall. And they wont refund the ticket money either. So, be careful. The security guard at Rabindra Sadan asked me to leave my camera on the stairs outside the movie hall. He probably didn’t have a clean bowel movement in the morning.