Shubho Nababarsha, 1420

Posted on Apr 15, 2013

I’d have really regretted if I hadn’t come home for the Bengali New Year. This is one of those days when you get to see Bongs showing off their Bong-ness. I mean if you visit the City Center you’ll see that they have stalls and frying fish in bengali recipes. Girls and Ladies are wearing Sharees, guys are wearing Panjabi. Singing and playing Bengali songs loudly in every locality. People would behave more lethargic than Ever. So on and so forth ..

Among all of these things, I got to see a glimpse of the True bong spirit today. A cute sister of mine is a student at Arena Multimedia. And Arena celebrates Bengali new year with a small function among the students, teachers and staffs. Outsiders are usually not told about this, but my sis got me, her elder sister and her brother to attend it becasue, for the first time, she was going to dance in a function. And we 3 being her most favorite people, were invited to watch it. That’s another major reason I came to Kolkata this time. I just couldn’t miss this.

So they sang. Rabindranath, Jibanananda, bangla band, Anjan Datta; they left nothing. And they performed really well. There were moments like everyone singing “Bela Bose” together in open voice without any tension, making fun impressions in the process. Or some of them dancing and others cheering them up or just watching quietly. There were moments of reciting self-composed poems. Those are some talented kids.

And there were moments where someone was dancing a break-dance score from a movie called “Student of the year”. I think it released this year. And someone singing a hindi song that had absolutely no relationship with the event. But anyway, was glad to see their efforts.

Oh, I also visited a friend’s office and did some brainstorming. Good start of the bengali year overall. Hope this year goes well for you people reading this blog post too. Shubho Nababarsha. শুভ নববর্ষ।