Auto Refresh your Dabr client

Posted on Oct 30, 2010

If you don’t know yet, Dabr is an open source Twitter Mobile Web client which can be used from their own site or you can download the code from its Google Code page and upload it to your server and use it like your own client.. :) But Don’t forget to read the documentation while installing. :) Now, about auto refreshing, First I thought about using AJAX, but that seemed a lot of work. So, I thought of an alternative. Open the theme.php file which is inside the common directory. Scroll to line no 137. You should see something like this ->

<title>',$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'],' - ',$title,'</title>
<base href="',BASE_URL,'" /> '.theme('css').'

Just add this line just before the tag,

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="30">

Like -

<head><title>',$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'],' - ',$title,'</title><base href="',BASE_URL,'" /> '.theme('css').' <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="30"> </head>

And save it and upload it to your server. You can change the value 30 as u wish, it’ll be counted as seconds and the page will refresh with that interval. :D For reference,

“META tags with an HTTP-EQUIV attribute are equivalent to HTTP headers. Typically, they control the action of browsers, and may be used to refine the information provided by the actual headers.”

So, I’m just modifying the sent header data and saying the browser that, refresh the page with a 30 seconds interval. :D But be careful. Don’t give the value too less, or you might run out of API calls. :)