Joining NUITEQ

Posted on Jul 13, 2021

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Bibhas Debnath at NUITEQ

Late update. I’ve joined NUITEQ as a Senior Software Engineer at the beginning of this month.

20th June was my last day of work at Hasgeek. And it was a bit emotional to attend the standup that day.

I’ve known of and been around Hasgeek since the beginning of my career. A lot of the people I know today so well, I know them through Hasgeek. And similarly, a lot of what I am today is because of the people I met through Hasgeek.

I joined Hasgeek in 2017 as a full time developer. And that changed how I think about a workplace by quite a bit. There are few things that got embedded in me during my time at Hasgeek -

  1. Clean code can remove half (if not more) of the future headaches. So put more energy behind writing clean and efficient code. Bad code that works will eventually encourage more bad code, and become a monster in future.
  2. Coding is the least important part of the job of a software engineer. If the first instinct you have, when faced with a problem at your job, is to write some code to solve it, more often than not it ends up becoming the wrong decision. It’s much more fruitful and important to think about why that problem occurred. And often what you thought could be solved with a 1 line PR, will end up revealing a big gap in the architecture of the system or UX. So always spend time asking why a particular issue occurred from the user’s perspective.
  3. Building software is not the job. The job is to provide users with some agency. We’re building softwares to help users achieve something. That is where all conversation about building a feature or fixing a bug should begin.
  4. Human relationships are much more important than tech skills. We can only learn so many things in our lives. Whatever you learn today will be outdated tomorrow. So running after the bleeding edge tech is always a futile exercise. Learn what you need to, get the work done. But what stays with us in long term are the human relationships we make or create through our skills and work.

Hasgeek also taught me how to work in a diverse and inclusive workplace, with no BS politics at work, and everything is communicated clearly with everyone. And all discussions circled around how to make the life of the user better.

These lessons will stay with me all my life.

But since last year all our lives changed and our priorities changed as well. And I figured out that joining a place like NUITEQ was more aligned with my future goals.

NUITEQ builds collaborative softwares that help teachers across UK and US. And also, couple of products that help organizations to collaborate real time efficiently. We have a multi cultural team that spans all over the world. I hope to help the team and the users by making their products better in my time here.

I can’t be thankful enough to Hasgeek, Kiran and Zainab, and all my co-workers for being amazing managers and human beings, and always backing me up whenever I needed to. I have been successfully spoiled (or maybe enlightened) for having worked in such a great team. I wish Hasgeek and the team all the goodness in the world.