URL Shortening at your finger tip. :)

Posted on Aug 26, 2010

I dunno about you guys, but I was getting weary of all the url shorteners that has grown like weeds around us.. Hence thought of using something that I could customize and use as I like. Hence did a Google search and found Yourls.

The case is simple, this service gives your site a capability to shorten urls. All you need is a Domain. Let it be a Top-Level Domain or a free one.. Now this is what I call usability. :)

As you already know, I maintain a TLD. So I thought of a URL shortener like bibhas.in/l/ .. So, I downloaded Yourls. According to its guide, installed it and just ran it. And Voila! It works flawlessly. :)

Now, coming to the main points, what are the advantages of Yourls over Bit.ly Pro(another similar service)?

And you call goes like this -

as simple as that. :)

More details on the API can be found here - http://yourls.org/#API

Here is a screenshot of the default Yourls Link Dashboard -

Now, If you’re interested in using it, Download Yourls from here - http://yourls.org/download