Weekly update - 4th Nov 2022

Posted on Nov 4, 2022

Taking a leaf from Thej’s book, I’m gonna try posting weekly updates about what I’m doing, as a journal. I don’t do a lot of significant things. But this could be a good way to remember bits and pieces. Let’s go.

  • This week was spent mostly recovering from last week. The week before brother in law got hospitalized for dengue. Parents were with us in Bangalore and my sister was alone with niece handling everything alone. So had to send parents home. Had to drive to the airport twice. It was exhausting.
  • Cover photo is from last Friday when I went to the airport to drop dad. Went to the back side of the airport where the runway ends and flights take off from. Really nice spot to just sit and chill for a while. With flights taking off every 5 minutes or so.
  • Did a lot of cooking this week. Ayanti can’t stand around for long time now. So it’s mostly on me to keep the house and food scene in order.
  • We’ve entered the last month. So it’s getting a little tense. Spending a lot of energy to keep the peace of mind.
  • Barcamp Bangalore is tomorrow. It was my responsibility to get the banners and sticklers etc printed. Gave for printing yesterday. Collected them today. They came out really well. I didn’t know that flex banners are banned now. They’ve substituted it with a cloth like material. Lightweight. Hopefully better for environment. Thinking about that is also a bit of a moot point. sigh.
  • Didn’t get much sleep last night because upstair neighbours were playing loud music at 3AM. Have to drive to the RV University tomorrow early morning. Need to get some proper sleep tonight.
  • Been a while since I helped organize an event. A bit nervous.
  • Found a shop in HSR that sells refurbished laptops, macbooks, iPads etc. I need a personal laptop as I’ve been doing personal stuff on work laptop and I want to stop that. Asked them to let me know if they get a Thinkpad X1 Carbon. They called me after a day. But I couldn’t find time to go see it. Maybe next week. Also a bit cautious about spending that kind of money right now. Going to need cash next month.
  • will update if I remember anything else.